You really can't go wrong with monochrome! Avenue A recently sent me the most beautiful knit scarf and black jumper. If you haven't heard of the brand, they are an online ladies fashion boutique who stocks a range of different brands.

Wearing Avenue A's black textured jumper, I paired this with their chunky knit scarf which is just new is stock; this is definitely something to get your hands on this season, it keeps me super warm, I love it! 

Keeping the look dark, I wore black skinny trousers from New Look and a long grey coat from ZARA. I completed the look with Dare black Chelsea boots from Schuh. Following my last blog post, I think these are my all time favourite shoes I own. Not only do they match with everything, they are so comfy!

Finally, to accessorise I carried a handbag from Fiorelli - This is the perfect student bag, big enough for all your books and even a laptop, it's so convenient and super stylish, you can't go wrong!

Be sure to check out Avenue A at where you will find a range of beautiful clothing and accessories, you can also give them a follow @AvenueAClothing to keep up with any updates!

To purchase the Dare Black Chelsea boots visit - They are so worth it! #GiftingSorted


Long leather coats are the one, especially when it's vintage. Passed down from my aunt, this was a big hit in the 90's during her college days. The leather jacket is perfect with this outfit and a great winter piece! 

In this post I am extremely excited to be collaborating with two amazing brands, both of who I am a huge fan of, Schuh and Bellfield!

Wearing a chunky grey knitted jumper from Bellfied, I paired it with a long sleeve burgundy check shirt also from Bellfield. There were many different ways I could have styled this, for example, wearing the shirt under the jumper or even on top, however I wanted to keep this look super casual and not smarten it up too much!

Continuing to keep it simple, I matched the jumper and shirt with regular black skinny jeans from New Look and a long brown leather coat.  To complete the look I finished with the most gorgeous black Chelsea boots from Schuh. 

I have literally been after pointy shiny Chelsea boots for so long, and now I finally have them thanks to Schuh! This was a #GiftingSorted Christmas present from them, putting the biggest smile on my face; the PR's are the sweetest people ever!

Be sure to check out Bellfied at where they have a range of beautiful winter knits and coats. You can also follow them at @bellfieldclo to keep up with any new updates. 

To purchase the Dare Black Chelsea boots visit - these boots are to die for, it's a purchase you will not regret. Promise

Thank you

Arooj xo


Photography: Aimee Dryan

Photography: Aimee Dryan

Photography: Aimee Dryan

Photography: Aimee Dryan

New season, new trends. It's time to wrap up! Autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons. Woolly knits, long coats, chelsea boots and scarf's. My layer game is going to be strong. 

I was extremely overwhelmed when I was contacted by Native Youth in regards to a collaboration. Not only have I been following their brand for ages, I absolutely what they do and how far they have come.

Going for a smart sophisticated AW15 look, I wore regular black high waisted skinny jeans from Primark, pairing it with black leather heeled boots from Topshop.  With that I matched an azetc(ish) print jumper from Native Youth. This particular print is the motif trend that always pops up at this time of year, you can't go wrong!

To finish the look I wore a longline brushed overcoat in camel, also from Native Youth. The length, fabric and fit on this coat is so on point, I love how it keeps me super warm! Keeping my accessories to a minimum, I simply added a Galliano silk print scarf and carried a leather clutch bag from Topshop.

Native Youth is available in select speciality stores and department stores in over 30 countries worldwide; including Japan, UK, USA and South Korea.

Get shopping for your AW wardrobe by checking out where you'll see a range of beautiful clothing from; long-line bombers, jacquard knits, high-necks and those perfect oversized garms!

Also be sure to follow @Native_Youth on Twitter and Instagram keeping up with any new updates!

Thank you 

Arooj xo





It has been a good few weeks since my last post! I have been incredibly busy settling into uni and exploring a whole new city. Checking my emails earlier this week, I was really excited to see an email LF Markey. I absolutely love this brand and what they do; their sense of creativity is shown in all their garments. 

If you haven't already heard of the brand I'm 100% sure you've probably unknowingly come across them! LF Markey is a fashion label that makes beautiful clothes for practical women. Their clothing is bold, detailed and very simple. They are currently stocked in the Goodhood Store in Shoreditch, London and the designer floor at Urban Outfitters.

In this look I paired the LF Markey Alexi Bomber jacket with a velvet detailed sweatshirt from Mango. Keeping the look bold I wore that with regular black skinny jeans from Primark and black brogues from Topshop. To finish the look I carried a small backpack I bought from a vintage store in Leeds a few years ago.

What I love about this bomber jacket is how quirky and different it is. It has its own look with mixed fabrics consisting of a creamy wool body, denim pockets and black furry Sherpa sleeves. Check out LF Markey at or even purchase the Alexi Bomber at

You can also follow @LFMARKEY on Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date with new releases. 

Thank you!

Arooj xo

Mink & Stone Collaboration

This week I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Mink & Stone. If you haven't already heard of this brand they are a London based jewellery manufacturer and retail brand that allows people to design their own jewellery online.

I created a Swarovski Glass Pearl Bracelet consisting of glass beads, metal beads and acrylic, in which I finished with a silver colour lobster clasp. I kept my colour palette & the size of my bracelet very simple. I don't usually wear chunky bracelets, so from the start I knew I wanted to create something small.

I chose to add my initial 'A' because I wanted something that represented me. The good thing about this design is that it can be easily styled with anything in my wardrobe! 

I found that the site is very easy to use, you can choose what you want to design from a range of different necklaces to bracelets. I love my piece, it's exactly how I imagined it. It's such a great feeling to see your own design in person!

I'm glad to have discovered Mink & Stone and collaborated with them, their brand is amazing. The whole idea of making your own unique jewellery from scratch is really cool. There is such a range of materials to chose from, everything that you need will be there!

Why not check Mink&Stone out at or even purchase my design by clicking the following link   

You can also follow Mink & Stone on Twitter & Instagram from more information at @minkandstone 

Have a lovely weekend!

Arooj xo



I'm so excited to be collaborating with my favs, Whistle Blower clothing. I have been following their brand for a while now and I'm a huge fan of what they do

To be honest I'm not a person that usually goes for bright colours, but the melon short sleeve mesh jumper from Whistle Blower's AW15' collection is perfect for the upcoming season. It's stylish, warm, comfortable and very different. This can be styled however you want. I chose to wear a collarless shirt from ASOS underneath the jumper adding a white effect; I paired this with black baggy pants from ZARA and white Moorgate brogues from ASOS. Finally to accessorise I carried a white satchel with black detail from Topshop.

This look really didn't need further accessories or additions. The jumper itself is a statement piece. I also wanted to keep the colour palette very simple (White, yellow and black) as I didn't want anything to look too over the top.

What I love about the jumper is that the quality is absolutely amazing! Like it's not a typical normal jumper, it's a lot more than that. It feels so rich and good. You can tell the fabric is long lasting & the jumper won't wear out easily

So why not grab it now as it has just reduced from £45 to £15! There's a huge sale on at the moment, go check it out at and shop their new collection which includes the melon short sleeve jumper available in grey & a range of beautiful bomber jackets & tee's.

You can also follow Whistle Blower on Twitter @whistleblowercl & Instagram @whistleblowerclothing to keep up to date with any new releases

Have a lovely week!

Arooj xo

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Good company, good food, good people. Just this weekend it was the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr, for those of you who don't quite know what this is - to cut it short it's basically a celebration to mark the end of a months fasting of Ramadan. 

This is the first time I'm featuring an Eastern OOTD on my blog. The actual dress itself was actually designed by my aunt but made overseas.  

I fell in love with this the minute i saw it, I love the lace detail and the navy under piece, the cotton rope to hold the dress in shape finishes the whole piece perfectly, I kept my look simple and kept makeup to a minimum, pairing the dress with mules from London Rebel.  I love how unique but simple this dress is. It's not too overdone and can be worn and styled how you like.

If you're interested in wanting a dress like this made for any occasion, such as a wedding, party, an event or even a prom; feel free to email me at and I will make it happen! 


Sun, where art thou? Only a few weeks ago there was a heatwave, but now that's nowhere to be seen.  Today was a nice but slightly chilly day, so today's look included layering...and quiet a bit of it!

In the sale I bought the most amazing trousers from ZARA, I absolutely love these! They have such a comfortable baggy fit with a drawstring fasting and are copped at the bottom. These can be worn smart or casual depending how you dress it. I went for a more casual look with these as I decided to wear leggings by SDNY from JDSports underneath.

I paired the trousers with a basic plain black tee also from ZARA and wore a blue shirt from H&M, keeping it unbuttoned, allowing a baggy fit over the top. 

Finally to finish the look I wore white brogues which I bought online at ASOS and a oversized hat from Forever 21 , letting my curly locks set free!

Hope you like it 

Arooj xo 

Bouclème Review | Hair Care Routine

So, I get many tweets asking what products I use for my hair and how I get it how it is, today at last I’m finally doing a blog post on my hair routine! In all honestly, I don’t use much product on my hair as it already is naturally curly, I usually just twist it into a bun at night and open it in the morning so curls are tighter and my hair has more volume.

However, recently I’ve been using some amazing hair products by Boucleme. if you haven’t already heard of this brand they are a British haircare brand founded by Michele Scott-Lynch. Boucleme work closely with a leading chemist and specialist pefurmer based in the South West of England to create their nutrient rich formulations.

I have only been using these products for just over a week now and I am absolutely in love! This is lierally a god sent. No joke. In the past I have found my hair to be quite dry and very knotty sometimes, since using Boucleme my curls feel a lot softer, lighter and even look healthier. There is so much more volume and I feel a lot more happier with how it is! – Now I’m just going to keep growing and growing it until I’m like Rapunzel….I can keep dreaming! I get my hair like this in 3 simple steps, here’s how it goes: 

1) Curl Cleanser

After applying shampoo, I simply apply a generous amount of Curl Cleanser to my fingertips and massage vigorously into scalp starting at the front and working my way down to the nape and then the sides. Speaking to Michelle she recommended I apply more to the length of my hair and loosely de-tangle as I do it. After doing that I rinse thoroughly continuing to massage my scalp whilst rinsing to ensure any dead skin cells and product are rinsed away. Using this feels amazing, you can literally feel the refreshment and moisture from the inside!

2. Curl Conditionor

I then move on to the Curl Conditioner, again applying a generous amount to the wet hair brushing my fingers through ensuring there are no knots. While I rise the conditioner off, I scrunch my hair up towards head to prevent water weighing down my loose curls. Using the curl conditior is so different to other conditioners I have used in the past. It makes my hair feel so milky and so full of moister, you can literally feel the natural ingredients in there, which includes virgin coconut, argan oil and aloe vera leaf, all this restores the needed  moisture and brings that shine back! 

3. Curl Defining Gel

Finally last but not least, the last step is to apply the curl defining gel to the wet hair. I simply pour a small amount into my palms and glide over the canopy of my hair, to get more volume and more curls I tip my head forward and apply more product underneath and scrunch my hair as I do it. To get the girls stronger I hold each section for 15 – 20 seconds.

Unlike other gels, Boucleme's curl defining gel is not sticky, it contains so much moisture and is so smooth, my curls look so soft after use! Once I use the gel, I wrap my  hair and twist it into a towel for 20 mins, ensuring my curls have that extra tight hold.

If you’re a curly head, Boucleme’s products are something I would definitely recommend! Its for all curl types, I can promise you won’t be disappointed! it really does deliver healthy, beautiful and defined curls. The products are available to buy on / You can also follow @Boucleme on twitter to keep up with their updates.

Hope you liked it!

Arooj x





Ellesse Heritage SS15 Collection

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Well established sportswear brand Ellesse have launched a new collection that will go into its iconic history re-creating each item with a quirky contemporary twist. Many people know Ellesse Heritage, it's just one of those brands you recognise as soon as you see the logo. Their new SS15 collection shows the memorable track suit jackets, the old school tops with simplistic designs that include stripes and colour blocks, all featuring their iconic logo. Every item is finished beautifully and ready to wear with the perfect fit!

I personally love the brand, it's so fashionable yet so simple. it has definitely without a doubt made its mark in the sportswear/fashion industry, and I'm sure it will be doing for a long time to come. You can now check out the collection at: or head over to their website at:

Hope you like!


Balmi Lip Balm Review 

So recently I got hold of a Balmi lip Balm. I have heard so many people talk about this product and how good it is, I thought I’d test it out myself.

There are many different smells and flavours, I got the blackcurrant one, and it smells absolutely amazing!

In all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve come across a lip balm like this. There’s something very different about this and I can’t quite get what it is. It’s just different... Maybe it’s the, vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil it contains which is why it feels so good!

I’d say this leaves your lips moisturised and super soft for a good few hours, and you can top it up whenever you want too. Another thing I love about this is the little cone shape and tub it comes in, it's so cute! Easy enough to fit your pocket so you can carry it around with you when ever you as well

Balmi is available at Boots, and they are on offer at the moment! So why not get yourself one at just £2.99


Burt's Bee's Lip Crayon Review

So recently I was given these lovely Burt’s Bee’s lip crayons to test out. Just within less than a week of using the product, it’s fair to say I am in love. Each lip crayon is formulated with 100% natural ingredients (which is why they’re so good!) They come in 6 different shades these being such as Sedona Sands, Carolina Coast, Hawaiian Smolder, Deep Berry, Niagara Overlook and Napa Vineyard and Redwood Forest which I am testing today.

What I love about the lip crayons is that the texture is very creamy and rich but light.  Not only does it give off a beautiful lip colour but it also moistures the lips leaving them smooth and soft. I also love how easy is is to apply, It’s so subtle!

The Napa Vineyard is my favourite so far, it compliments against my skin tone the most and you can add darker/ligher shades depending how you apply it, the other colours are just as beautiful! With each of the lip crayons you can wear them every day, either alone and under a lip gloss giving it some pretty shine

I found when applying other lipsticks from other brands, it can sometimes leave my lips dry afterwards. However with Burt’s Bee’s Lip Crayon it keeps your lips smooth and hydrates them for ages as it contains natural ingredients. Ladies, I definitely recommend this, it’s practically a lipstick and lip balm in one available in a range of colours. Why not check them out at pick your colour, an amazing must have product available at just £8.99


Touch of colour ft a Regal Rose

As if it's June already! It's crazy how fast this year is going, however summertime is fast approaching and it's my favourite time of year! You probably know I love my dark colours & like to keep it pretty simple. Today's look of the day features a white shirt by Vera Moda which I bought online from ASOS. I love this, it's collarless and has two large pockets on each side. I paired the shirt with a two tone black jacket from SkinnieBelle and basic black skinny jeans from Primark.

Completing the look I wore the most gorgeous white leather sandals from Schuh. I have to admit...I'm not really a sandal person, but these were a purchase I had to make. Just look at them, they're so perfect for this season and you can wear it with almost anything, whether it's shorts, a skirt or dress!

Finally to accessorize, I carried a mustard colour shoulder bag by Jane Shilton and wore the Balance Antique Silver Gemstone Ring' and the 'Eleana Sun Stars Above Knuckle Ring' both from Regal Rose, available at along with some other beautiful jewellery which is definitely worth checking out!


Shoes: Schuh, £35

Shirt ASOS, £20 - £25

Rings: REGAL ROSE: Eleana Sun Stars Above Knuckle Ring, £16 & 'Balance Antique Silver Gemstone Ring 

Jacket, SkinnieBelle, £25 

Bag: Jane Shilton 

Summer Look ft ASOS

                       So it has been a while since my last outfit post! Apologies, I have been extremely busy meeting deadlines and completing other projects. But finally here's a new outfit post!

I quite like the simple look, keeping it casual but chic. Wearing a stripe shirt by Noisy May, I paired it with black skinny jeans from Primark. I don't know if it's just me but personally Primark jeans actually have the best fit for me, I try shopping else where for jeans but can't seem to find anything that I'm comfortable in or looks as flattering. I also have a thing for stripes, I love stripy tops, they are smart and you can also to wear it casual too, so this shirt by Noisy May was a very happy purchase!

Adding to the look I wore shoes by London Rebel, and sunnies from Primark. To finish the look I carried a simple black handbag also from Primark. This is the perfect size bag, I love it! You know, when bargain hunting I have to admit, Primark is the one, you can't go wrong

Shirt: £22.00 - ASOS, Noisy May

Jeans: £7 Primark

Bag: £10 Primark

Shoes: £45.00 London Rebel

Sunnies: £2 Primark

Bracelet: Pandora £50

Touch of colour - OOTD

Keeping it bold, I love the contrast of the blacks, grey, yellow and pink. All colours compliment each other so well. Think I should start dressing like this more often!

Jacket: SkinnieBelle / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Topshop/ Jumper: Zara / Bag: Topshop

Hope you like this look, new spring posts coming soon!

Arooj x

Spring look FT Over My Body

So, you may realise this post is different to my usual posts, instead of styling a piece I thought I'd create a mini set featuring my favourite brands at the moment! OMB

Keeping it clean and simple I put together Minkpink Badlands jeans from Over My body, pairing it with a Monki Tonia shirt. To accessorize I matched it with a bag by Naked Vice from Over My Body. I absolutely love this! It's so different and so cool. it definitely has a great edge to it, I seriously need to get my hands on one soon!

jewellery wise I chose to add a Komono Winston watch from Over My Body and a Alona Jonelle Bracelet also from Over My Body. I love the rustiness of this, and how stylish it is. It can be worn with anything.

Over my body is one of my favourite companies at the moment, from so many Australian, US and unique British brands to chose from, you cant go wrong!

All Items:

Minkpink Badlands jeans from, Over My body (£46.00)

Monki Tonia shirt, £22

Naked Vice, The Bucket Bag, Over My Body (£139.00)

Komono Winston watch, Over My Body (£69.00)

Alona Jonelle Bracelet, Over My Body (£115.00)



Casual OOTD featuring Outsiders Apparel

It's freeeeeeeeezing and the weather only seems to be getting worse! Adjusting to the cold weather, I went comfy and casual. outsiders

Keeping it simple I wore regular black skinnies and cherry Dr Marten boots. For weather like this, you can't go wrong.

With my black skinnies I paired the bonfire Raglan while/black tee from outsiders Apparel. I love how soft and comfy it is! Their logo is also very simple and memorable which I think is great.

out 3

To finish I wore a suede shearling jacket from River Island, this is one of my favourite jackets and always keeps me warm. What's not to love!

T-Shirt: Outsiders Apparel, £30. Purchase yours here

Jeans: Primark, £12

Boots: Dr Martens £99

Jacket: River Island £79

All Pictures:


out 1

out 4

out 3

Winter look featuring Lulus London

The New Year is just around the corner! It's been a great one, so I thought I'd finish 2014 with another winter look. IMG_1562

As the winter sales hit stores, I got some great deals! Continuing to keep warm this season I wore some knit joggers from ZARA. These were selling at £17.99, They come in 4 different colours, one being grey, and others; black, navy and camel.

IMG_1513I paired the joggers with a white thick jumper from Topshop which was reduced to £25. This features a zip on each side of the jumper so you can style it how you want!

IMG_1563Finishing the look I wore steady ankle boots from schuh & a long green coat from Jigsaw. This I purchased a while ago however similar coats will be available on ASOS.


Finally to accessories my look I wore a gorgeous Aliza coin necklace from Lulu's London.


I absoloutley love this, the detail is beautiful! You can also style and wear the necklace how you want, even as a chocker. - Available on the LuLu's website, purchase yours online now at

Coat: Jigsaw - Similar ones on ASOS

White Jumper: Topshop, £25

Joggers: ZARA

Necklace; Lulu's London, £15

Shoes: Schuh £40

All Pictures:IMG_1560 IMG_1590IMG_1569IMG_1590IMG_1514IMG_1513IMG_1532IMG_1512


Winter Whites.

Strolling through ZARA, shopping for some new winter knits, I came across the most gorgeous ribbed turtleneck jumpsuit. Only selling at a sweet £30.00, I couldn't resist, I had to purchase!

I absolutely love the colour, comfort and texture on this. It's very stylish and perfect to wear on a night, also another bonus is that it does the job of keeping you warm on those cold winter nights.

Obviously due to the weather at this time of year, styling this piece with another layer would be a wise option. I decided to pair the jumpsuit with a white military jacket from Zara.This completely changed the whole look and added a pleasant splash of colour, also making the overall look quite sophisticated and clean.

To finish I carried a cute little bag from Primark! I have to admit when I saw this I had a slight 'OMG' moment! I actually love it, It's perfect enough for me. I can wear it with almost any outfit and carry my small girly what's not to love; priced up at just £10, I do love a good bargain!

Jumpsuit: ZARA

Jacket: ZARA

Bag: Primark

Heels: Next

All Pictures: