Burt's Bee's Lip Crayon Review

So recently I was given these lovely Burt’s Bee’s lip crayons to test out. Just within less than a week of using the product, it’s fair to say I am in love. Each lip crayon is formulated with 100% natural ingredients (which is why they’re so good!) They come in 6 different shades these being such as Sedona Sands, Carolina Coast, Hawaiian Smolder, Deep Berry, Niagara Overlook and Napa Vineyard and Redwood Forest which I am testing today.

What I love about the lip crayons is that the texture is very creamy and rich but light.  Not only does it give off a beautiful lip colour but it also moistures the lips leaving them smooth and soft. I also love how easy is is to apply, It’s so subtle!

The Napa Vineyard is my favourite so far, it compliments against my skin tone the most and you can add darker/ligher shades depending how you apply it, the other colours are just as beautiful! With each of the lip crayons you can wear them every day, either alone and under a lip gloss giving it some pretty shine

I found when applying other lipsticks from other brands, it can sometimes leave my lips dry afterwards. However with Burt’s Bee’s Lip Crayon it keeps your lips smooth and hydrates them for ages as it contains natural ingredients. Ladies, I definitely recommend this, it’s practically a lipstick and lip balm in one available in a range of colours. Why not check them out at http://www.burtsbees.co.uk/ pick your colour, an amazing must have product available at just £8.99