Ellesse Heritage SS15 Collection

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Well established sportswear brand Ellesse have launched a new collection that will go into its iconic history re-creating each item with a quirky contemporary twist. Many people know Ellesse Heritage, it's just one of those brands you recognise as soon as you see the logo. Their new SS15 collection shows the memorable track suit jackets, the old school tops with simplistic designs that include stripes and colour blocks, all featuring their iconic logo. Every item is finished beautifully and ready to wear with the perfect fit!

I personally love the brand, it's so fashionable yet so simple. it has definitely without a doubt made its mark in the sportswear/fashion industry, and I'm sure it will be doing for a long time to come. You can now check out the collection at: http://www.size.co.uk/home or head over to their website at: http://www.ellesse.com/

Hope you like!