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Photography by Grace Bristow

Photography by Grace Bristow

And a new venture begins…Introducing Zippo Eyewear. One of America’s most popular lighter brands have introduced their very own eyewear collection for its customers. I was very lucky to be able to get hold of these exclusive items and test them.

The quality and make on these show a lot of thought has been put into the product, it’s not your “average” pair of glasses. Offering a unisex range and well as men’s and women’s styles, the brand’s distinctive style continues with the new eyewear range; keeping the elegance of Zippo alive.

Besides the look and quality of the product, each style of eyewear fits in with current trends, be it summer glasses or reading glasses. You can choose from 50 different designs and go with what you think fits your personality best.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Zippo really step up the game, from entering the fashion industry to lifestyle.. Zippo continues to keep its ethos alive and empower each individual to be different with the perfect products for them.

Already an owner of a few Zippo products, their eyewear range is what I imagined; keeping the quality of their products to a high standard. The eyewear collection is available from prices ranging from £7.90 to £19.90, depending on what styles you buy. I personally believe that this is a great price from a brand that delivers such high quality and puts a lot of thought into the products?

“Zipo lighters have long been distinguished as a symbol of style and ingrained in the fabric of global popular culture. Considered one of the most recognised brands in the world, the lighter has been seen in the hands of many of the most influential people from the worlds of fashion, music and film. We’re eager to bring Zippo’s coveted style to eyewear and give people a new canvas for self-expression.”  

  • Lucas Johnson, Global Brand Manager

You can buy Zippo eyewear from a range of selected pharmaceutical and optical shops and online retailers priced at £7.90 for readers, £14.90 for sunglasses and £19.90 for polarized sunglasses.

Visit Zippo on Instagram @originalzippo, on Twitter @Zippo and on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news.

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Silent Assembly X Selfridges Body Studio April 2016

Ladies it's time! Silent Assembly are finally launching into the new Selfridges body studio opening 4th April 2016! 

I'm excited to feature this particular brand on my blog, if you haven't already heard of them, they are pioneering bra brand that offer the worlds first 3D bra with an alternative to metal under wires. "Their innovating 3D ribs contour to the left and right sides of the body to deliver an incredible fit and undetectable when worn"

It is a real tribute to the quality of our brand to have Selfridges as the first UK store to stock our pioneering range. Curvessence provides a truly comfortable, supportive and feminine bra and we look forward to the technology being available in the UK’s leading department store.
— Creative director at Silent Assembly and leading industry expert Kay Cohen

In the super exiting launch, the new Selfridges Body Studio will stock more than 100 brands and Silent Assembly will have their own exclusive space that will offer special styles, there will also be expert fitters on hand to help ensure you get the perfect fit!  

The launch is huge as Selfridges will be the first UK department store to stock Silent Assembly. The brand have had major ongoing success since their launch in Australia in 2014, it has been passed to over 100 outlets in Europe, The Middle East, New Zealand and USA.

Ladies, get yourself ready and keep your eyes peeled, Silent Assembly are taking lingerie to a new level! Save the date; 4th of April 2016!

For more information visit or follow @silentassembly on instagram to keep up with any updates 

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Jaden Smith is the new face of Louis Vuitton womenswear campaign, now we never usually see a male star model womenswear, so this is a big deal; you could say it’s a step forward in defeating the gender barrier in fashion.

Jaden Smith is quite a character, as some of us know. His dress sense is also rather bizzare in some ways; however the 17 year old is all about equal rights (if you can’t already tell from his Twitter account)

There was quite a reaction when the campaign first appeared, “A guy wearing women’s clothes, he must be gay” – I heard people say that very often, I was rather annoyed by these comments, I just thought to myself “why is it that it’s okay for women to dress in men’s clothes, if men can’t dress in women’s?” Over the years we’ve seen women dominate fashion and breaking the gender barrier by taking over the white shirt, leather jacket and jeans which was originally made for men, of course in this day and age it’s the norm, but we still get really awkward when we see men do it...

I personally think the Louis Vuitton campaign is great; I’m super excited to see what else is to come from Jaden himself and the brand.

What do you think of the campaign? Comment below or Tweet me @VogueWonders – I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Winter is here and it's time to wrap up! Many brands have dropped their AW15 collections, I’m seeing the basics; from fur, to neutrals to big puffy shearling jackets – it’s the same every season!

Talking of AW15 drops, NICCE are at it again, doing what they do best; giving us a collection that's definitely going to make a statement. It is thee season to strengthen your layer game, so be bold, be brave, be you.

The brand haven't disappointed with their new collection which reveals a cool new urban street-wear vibe. Featuring sharp clean cuts, heavyweight fabrics, loop-back jerseys and not to mention....plunging necklines, they clearly don't play by the AW rules!  

I’d say summing it up in a quick sentence, the collection is modern but classic, rather revealing, yet subtle. It is what you would expect from an AW collection, but not exactly...if that makes sense?  Personally I think the entire collection is great and so original. NICCE have definitely put their mark on it! 

You can check out the collection at: and follow @niccelondon on Twitter to keep up with any updates!

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Footwear taken to another level; the design process of Cortica is what makes this product so original. Each element of the shoe is removed, re-imagined and reassembled away from meeting to create progressive hybrid footwear.

The product is available in a huge range from khaki, florals, blacks, navy and reds. The aesthetic is just as amazing as the product!

Reading into the brand, it’s clear that a lot of work goes into the product in order to deliver thee best possible comfort and protection. It features a “TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane*) moulded tongue label and a configured eyestay which provides unheard of breathability” Press release, Haddon PR. (2015)

I have only just discovered this brand and cannot wait to see what’s in store for them; what they do sounds amazing, they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for!

Shop their store at and follow them on Twitter @CORTICA_ to keep up with any updates


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It's always good when you can tell a brand by it's quality. Bellfield have grown and developed into a huge brand widely known for particularity that.

Living up to their reputation, Bellfield has previously been nominated for 'Young Fashion Brand of the Year' at both the Drapers Independent Awards and the Drapers Awards creating huge brand awareness for themselves. 

Their contemporary heritage wear has become their signature style which has allowed the brand to grow rapidly gaining a loyal following covering the latest trends each season. Their new AW15 collection presents rich winter knits, the heavy parkas and of course, the classic heritage inspired shirts. I don’t know about you, but I’m currently loving what I’m seeing from their look-book. It’s so dreamy!

I think a Bellfield Parka is my next purchase for sure! It's so on trend for this season, and it keeps you super warm, you can't go wrong!

 Join the heritage and check out for some amazing quality products. You can also follow @bellfieldclo to keep up with any updates



NOK NOK: Summer of Love SS16

NOK NOK, who’s there? ... If you haven't already heard of NOK NOK, they are a brand created by Angel NokoNoko who graduated from Central Saint Martin’s. Not only does Angel have a natural creative eye, the brand itself also screams personality and originality. That's what makes it so quirky and is even followed by stars such as Ellie Golding, Laura Whitmore and Marky Ramone. NOK NOK has also caught the attention of big publications like i-D magazine and Drapers. 

Just recently it was announced that the Chapter || ’Summer of Love’ collection is set to be released! This collection tells a story of where an amorous love intensifies. Looking through the lookbook it's obvious that every look has its own meaning.

A statement from the press release quotes "The inside-out denim effect used in both the jeans and shirts is reflective of deeper feelings being exposed within the relationship” - I absolutely love how much thought has gone into this collection. From the images, to the location choice, interior and garments, It's not just a fashion shoot, there's a beautiful story behind it which makes this such a creative piece and is able to make a person feel some type of way! 

Flicking through images, I'm getting the colourful fresh 70’s summer rocky's almost like that "get up and dance" kind of feeling you know? There's just something there that's making me love this more and more every time I look at it. 

Make sure you don't miss a thing! Be sure to check out and also follow @NokNokDenim to keep up with any updates! 


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A fortunate worldwide reputation for their edgy, playful, and bold print work. Becoming bigger and successful each day, their eye catching garments can’t help but get noticed.

Offering a range of garms, Hype's AW collection is set to take a new and bigger turn. From clean cuts to longline rain macs, fitted shirts, fostering peaked hoods, and structured coach jackets. This is essential for the AW15 season.

"This collection embodies the brands progression undoubtedly, demonstrating an eclectic mix of high quality pieces which opt for subtle detailing that can be adapted to fit various styles and tastes, while still keeping the original HYPE" - Press release

Keep your eyes peeled, and be sure to check out the new collection at and follow @JustHype on Twitter to keep up with new updates

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NICCE London have finally launched their SS15 women's collection on their site, it's actually looking amazing. I've only discovered the brand recently and already love what they do! If you haven't already heard of the NICCE London, they are a contemporary street wear brand that were established in 2013, already making a name for themselves as today

IMG_1944 (1)



NICEE work with seasonal collections, never failing to impress. I personally love the girly tomboy look, viewing the womens SS15 launch today, the tee's definitely caught my eye. Other reveals were a beautiful stripe skirt featuring their logo and crop tops with detailed over print






What I love about the new collection is how easily it can be worn, how ever you want, with whatever you want. For example layered, sporty, casual and even out if you wanted! I also like how simple but different everything is. I'd personally go all out and be a little daring with layering the crop tops over some t-shirts and the skirt with jeans! It could look amazing...Or if you want you want to be really simple just wack on the black stripe bomber jacket (Which will always be my fav) and bam you're done!

You can check out the new collection at and also keep up to date by following NICCE on twitter @NICCELondon

Comütor Launch. July 2015

HR_COMUTOR_0002_Layer 2 copy 3 The fashion industry is a very fast pace environment, there's constant change and new ideas every second.

Comütor comes from the latin meaning "to change, to journey". Today bags are necessary, whether it's a satchel, backpack or handbag it carries our essentials. Comütor presents high class, affordable, good quality product perfect for everyone. The use of unique fabrics and simplistic designs is the main stamp of the label and the product itself.

Comütor has a lot to bring to the table, we just have to sit back watch. It's a new change for luggage that will fit in with everyday use, it's already proved popular with stores such as Footasylum, Schuh, Topman, ASOS and Scotts, Keep your eyes peeled as this is set to be released in July 2015 at just £29.99.

You can find more information on and stay up to date on social media by following @comutor_

HR_COMUTOR_0001_Layer 2 copy 2

HR_COMUTOR_0002_Layer 2 copy 3


6Tribes App: Connecting people together

IMAGE 4 A game-changing new app bringing people together. The man behind BBC iPlayer and the social TV platform Beamly; Anthony Rose is set out to launch his new app called 6Tribes.

6Tribes is all about finding people just like you, expressing yourself and being who you want to be. There’s thousands of people who share the same interests as you, whether it’s fashion, sports, technology, science, design and more. Joining the app is like creating your own little clan, as unique and quirky as you like.


The app works fast and effectively by using the information you already have on your phone to match you to tribes that you’re interested in.

So, for example you know when you meet a person for the first time and you instantly click because you’re so similar and you’re like “OMG where have you been all my life”...yeah, well this app pretty much does that in quite literally 3 minutes for you.

Personally I quite like the sound of this, and can't wait for the launch! Being a tech head (and there’s a tribe for that), I don’t think I have ever come across an app like this...that's because there’s actually nothing like it. 6Tribes makes it a thousand times easier to connect and hang out with people who get you and get what you’re into...and no, it's not another Facebook & It's not another Twitter. It's a lot more and it gets rid of the clutter you see on every other site.


Quoting from the official website, it states that with 6Tribes you’ll be able to make all the right connections. Using a quote by Seth Godin sums up the app perfectly;

“For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate. And it’s something that people have wanted forever.” (Seth Godin)

Keep your eyes peeled the official launch is coming soon for IOS8 iPhone &iPad - However in the meantime, if you're waiting, why not become a member and get yourself on the guest list and secure super-exclusive priority access by signing up on

Follow @6_Tribes on Twitter to stay up to date on the launch date.