Comütor Launch. July 2015

HR_COMUTOR_0002_Layer 2 copy 3 The fashion industry is a very fast pace environment, there's constant change and new ideas every second.

Comütor comes from the latin meaning "to change, to journey". Today bags are necessary, whether it's a satchel, backpack or handbag it carries our essentials. Comütor presents high class, affordable, good quality product perfect for everyone. The use of unique fabrics and simplistic designs is the main stamp of the label and the product itself.

Comütor has a lot to bring to the table, we just have to sit back watch. It's a new change for luggage that will fit in with everyday use, it's already proved popular with stores such as Footasylum, Schuh, Topman, ASOS and Scotts, Keep your eyes peeled as this is set to be released in July 2015 at just £29.99.

You can find more information on and stay up to date on social media by following @comutor_

HR_COMUTOR_0001_Layer 2 copy 2

HR_COMUTOR_0002_Layer 2 copy 3