Photography by Grace Bristow

Photography by Grace Bristow

And a new venture begins…Introducing Zippo Eyewear. One of America’s most popular lighter brands have introduced their very own eyewear collection for its customers. I was very lucky to be able to get hold of these exclusive items and test them.

The quality and make on these show a lot of thought has been put into the product, it’s not your “average” pair of glasses. Offering a unisex range and well as men’s and women’s styles, the brand’s distinctive style continues with the new eyewear range; keeping the elegance of Zippo alive.

Besides the look and quality of the product, each style of eyewear fits in with current trends, be it summer glasses or reading glasses. You can choose from 50 different designs and go with what you think fits your personality best.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Zippo really step up the game, from entering the fashion industry to lifestyle.. Zippo continues to keep its ethos alive and empower each individual to be different with the perfect products for them.

Already an owner of a few Zippo products, their eyewear range is what I imagined; keeping the quality of their products to a high standard. The eyewear collection is available from prices ranging from £7.90 to £19.90, depending on what styles you buy. I personally believe that this is a great price from a brand that delivers such high quality and puts a lot of thought into the products?

“Zipo lighters have long been distinguished as a symbol of style and ingrained in the fabric of global popular culture. Considered one of the most recognised brands in the world, the lighter has been seen in the hands of many of the most influential people from the worlds of fashion, music and film. We’re eager to bring Zippo’s coveted style to eyewear and give people a new canvas for self-expression.”  

  • Lucas Johnson, Global Brand Manager

You can buy Zippo eyewear from a range of selected pharmaceutical and optical shops and online retailers priced at £7.90 for readers, £14.90 for sunglasses and £19.90 for polarized sunglasses.

Visit Zippo on Instagram @originalzippo, on Twitter @Zippo and on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news.

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