Recently I caught up with singer and songwriter Pharella. Making her mark in the music industry, she is a Brit School graduate and is now to work with some well-known stars such as Mac and Phil, KinMusic, and Knightstarr. Check out my interview with her below!

VogueWonders: Hey Pharella, let’s start with a quick intro! For those who are unaware who are you and what you do?  

Pharella: Hey! So, my name is Pharella and I’m a 21-year-old Singer/songwriter. I have been singing ever since I was 4, always getting up on stage whenever I got the opportunity and then at the age of 8 I started recording in studio’s which is when I found my love for song writing. Ever since then I have been working towards my goal and this year has been the best so far! My love for creativity doesn’t stop there though, this year I have also decided to start a Blog to keep people updated on the journey.

VogueWonders: You’re a Brit School graduate! What was it like being there, any favourite memories? I have Pharella: nothing but great words to say about Brit School. The 2 years I spent studying there where some of the best times in my life. Picture wanting to live your dream every day and being able to express yourself without anyone judging and that is Brit school. I felt like I learnt so much and grew as a person from the experience. The last showcase before graduating was one of my favourite memories there, even though I was sad to be leaving. The way everyone pulled together to make the show the most memorable one we’ve ever had. Including the lighting and effects was truly something special and I feel blessed to have been part of such a wonderful school.

VogueWonders: If you could perform on any stage, where would you perform and why? 

Pharella: My ultimate dream is to perform at Madison Square Gardens in New York! A few years back me and my family were given tickets whilst on holiday out there, to watch Mariah Carey on NYE. I know right!? Mariah Carey (I was literally in tears) Ever since that moment I was left mesmerised and I knew then, that is where I need to perform one day to know my dreams have fully/truly come true.

VogueWonders: Describe your music genre… 

Pharella: It’s funny you ask this question. Me and my manager where talking about how to explain to people what the genre of music is that I do. We came up with the word Purban. Which is just a fancy, made up word for a fusion of Pop and Urban music. I’d like to think of my style as feel good vibes that you can dance to if you want but can also chill to it at the same time.

VogueWonders: Do you have any music releasing soon? 

Pharella: Right now, I am just in the process of getting all the music recorded, so no set date has been put in place. However, we are hoping that by the summer of next year my first single will be released.

VogueWonders: What do you think of the current music scene at the moment, anything you would change?

Pharella: Wow, this is a tough one to answer! The Music scene is constantly evolving and new amazing artists are coming through, which I feel is changing the music world for the better. However, I do also feel that there are now so many different avenues to getting yourself and your music out there, that some people do get lost in the crowd. Which is upsetting, but I guess that’s why good work ethic and writing music from the heart, (keeping it real) is so important.

VogueWonders: You’ve probably been asked this before, but here it goes again...Have you ever considered applying for The X Factor? 

Pharella: Ha-ha, your right! I have been asked this quite a lot but for me it has never been something I’ve considered. I enjoy watching the show and think it is a good platform, but like anything there’s always positives and negatives. Right now, for me, I’m happy to be working with such amazing people and I’m so grateful for the team around me.

VogueWonders: Let’s talk fashion... Congratulations on launching your blog! Those looking for some fashion inspo, where can they find you? 

Pharella: Thank you so much! Blogging is something VERY new to me but so far I am having a blast sharing and hearing great ideas from everyone! You can find the Blog on my website at

VogueWonders: What’s your favourite season and why? 

Pharella: Summer Summer Summer!! Well to be honest I do feel a bit biased because this is the season of my Birthday but that’s not only why I love this season so much. I mean, I am a sucker for a nice sun tan and cocktails by the pool. But, the Fashion style in summer for me is just great, with all the bright coloured and funky patterns to glittery shorts and crop tops!

who’s your current style icon? 

Pharella: Right now, I am Obsessing over Hailey Baldwin and the style she was wearing at Julien Macdonald’s latest show. Very Sophisticated, yet glamorous.

VogueWonders: What are your current favourite fashion brands? 

Pharella: Online Brands have become a thing of mine lately. With hardly any time to go shopping, I just find buying online is way easier. Pretty Little Thing has become a favourite, there new collection is very affordable, yet great quality and just feel they hit the nail on the head with staying on trend, as they are constantly updating their store. Another favourite of mine is this brand I found whilst over in LA last year. They manage to create that bohemian style but with an edge, which is right up my street. The brand is called Nasty Gal. They also have an online website.

VogueWonders: Are there any fashion collaborations you’d like to see before 2016 ends? 

Pharella: I have been excited to see Rita Ora x TEZENis collection all year and that has finally just been launched.

VogueWonders: Finally, any advice for young musicians out there? 

Pharella: For anyone wanting to get into the music industry I want to keep it real for you all and say it’s not one for the faint hearted, as it is not as easy as people think. But, if you truly love it and there’s nothing else for you just give it everything you have got and stay focused. Self-belief is also a massive part and remembering to stay true to yourself. Just try and get your music/voice out there as much as possible and stay interactive with the crowd by posting snippets of new music updates or covers. Remember you CAN do it!!!

VogueWonders: Thank you Pharella! It has been lovely, best of luck, can’t wait for what’s to come


Keep up to date and follow Pharella on Twitter @PharellaMusic and Instagram @PharellaOfficial

Hope you enjoyed!

Arooj x