Tanika is a UK singer/songwriter who has previously worked with artists such as Naughty Boy, Sneakbo and Stormzy.

She is to make waves in the music industry gaining over 17.4K subscribers and 1,870,195 views to her VEVO channel.

Check out my interview with her, where we talk about future plans, fashion and her new single ‘In You’


VogueWonders: Hey Tanika, for those who don’t already know: Introduce yourself, who are you and what you do?

Tanika: I’m a singer/ songwriter from Brixton. I make music and look after the little best human being in the world.

VogueWonders:  How long have you been doing what you do, who inspired you to get into the music scene?

Tanika: I’ve been recording music from the age of 9.  My ex manager inspired me to be a part of this scene. I’ve always been happy just making music.

VogueWonders:  You’ve previously done some work with Naughty Boy, what was that like?

Tanika: Honestly … were not friends anymore, but at the time it was very dope. really really dope. He’s still a huge inspiration to me regardless.

VogueWonders: You have a new song ‘In You’ how was it finally releasing the song and music video: What is to come next?

Tanika: ‘In You’ is actually my fav song from the EP. Releasing it was like releasing the last bit of pain in me, when I watched the visuals back I just cried and cried.

What’s next is viable music, dancing music, sensual music.  I’m in a really good space... it took a min to get there, but im really excited. I’ve got some of the best music ready for the UK.

VogueWonders: What is your favourite music genre, who’s the most played on your playlist at the moment?

Tanika: I would say my fav is reggae, basement music atm. My moods always change, but most played atm is vybz Kartel.

VogueWonders: What do you think of the current music scene, of course there are still many undiscovered artists, do you think the industry needs fresh new talent from a different generation?

Tanika: I think the UK is at its best. I think the actual industry needs to get to grips with the changes. Let everybody who has a gift express themselves with no rules.  This game needs all the fresh it can sick of the bubble gum shit.

VogueWonders: Let’s talk fashion...who’s your current style icon and why?

Tanika: Grace Jones because she’s just fearless...

Rihanna …Rihanna doesn't even need a reason why lol

VogueWonders: What fashion brands do you love at the moment?

Tanika: I love Topshop. I love Moschino. I love Zara. And LV handbags.

VogueWonders: Is there any advice you would give to young creative’s, musicians, and artists that you wish you were told when you were starting out?

Tanika: Trust yourself. None of these industry excs really care about you they care about the business. Keep the two separate and do what you can here to do.

Don't wait on ‘when you’re ready’ you'll never be ready you just go.  Trust you first. Create till you question it all then do it anyway.

VogueWonders:  Thank you so much for allowing me to interview! It has been exciting, best of luck on your future projects!

 Tanika: Thank you so much beautiful x

Be sure to follow Tanika on twitter @IamTanika and Instagram @Tanikagram_ to keep up with her work, she's definitely one to watch!

Hope you enjoyed!

Arooj x