arC are a four piece band based in London, from producing music in their bedroom with piano's guitars, kaos pads and drum machines, this is creativity taken on another level. Since meeting at school, Oskar and Joe have been writing for the past 2 years and last year they decided to focus on a joint project full time. Now at just 5 months old, arC is set to have a bright future ahead, read my interview and find out more below!

VogueWonders: Hey guys, for those new to you, Introduce yourselves…

We’re Joe Locke, Oskar, James, and Matt and we’re arC!

VogueWonders: How did you all meet?

Oskar: Through school, basically I went to 6th form with joe, my brother was already at the school, I met Joe there through my brother, we got on really well joe was writing and singing at the time trying to put together a band, I wasn’t really focusing on music at the time, I wasn’t focusing on music, I mean I was producing music but wasn’t focusing on it, Joe kind of bought me in and I started singing harmonies on his songs, that’s kind of where it began basically!

We knew James from Bath, he went to uni here and we met through friends, we worked on and off with him for a bit him and Joe used to be a duo, with matt similar thing, just through word of mouth and friends, he’s been in other bands

VogueWonders: What age did you figure you could sing?

Joe: I’ve been writing songs since I was 11/12 like wanting to do that. I didn’t start singing properly until I was 16, and got more into it

VogueWonders: Where was the first time you got together?

Oskar: Me and Joe was in music school, in the music department and put a band together, it was more like doing shows and gigs with a couple of guys we went to school with

VogueWonders: What artist would you compare yourself to?

Oskar: A lot of people say Radiohead’s, Massive Attack. It’s kind of got an old-school vibe to it with modern electronic flavours

VogueWonders: Describe your genre of music…

Oskar:  Dream dreamy

Joe: Laughs* Erm I don’t know, kind of pop alternative or something

Oskar: Most people say it’s hard to say a genre because people take influence from different genre’s so it’s kind of a jumble of all sorts

VogueWonders: What artists inspire you?

Joe: Radiohead for me is a big inspiration

Oskar & the boys: Yeah yeah definitely

VogueWonders: Would you carry on doing EP’s or release an album soon?

Oskar: We’ll carry on with EP’s for now but if it gets a good response, we’ll start the process of speaking to lawyers and labels and stuff and try get an interest and see what people feel about the music

VogueWonders: If you could perform on any stage, what stage would you perform on and why?

Joe: Glastonbury, main stage. I’ve never been and I’ve promised myself I’ll never go until we are playing there, I really want to go so…Laughs*

VogueWonders: What would you change in the current music scene right now?

Everything! haha, no I mean a lot of music in the chart sounds the same and I think there’s too many just vocalists...and producers you never get to meet or see. We kind of want to see some musical talent, not just people singing with auto tune, I mean not to say that there aren’t people doing that because there are a lot of people doing good things for the music scene

Oskar: I’m a big fan of the underground, London base…There’s a couple of east London based groups that I’m a big fan of

Joe: Yeah, music scene now I’m not a big fan of and I’d like to think we’re going to change that

VogueWonders: The single ‘We Are’, how long did it take to produce?

Joe: We did 4 or 5 sessions so 25 to 30 hours!

VogueWonders: What’s the best advice you guys have been given?

Joe: Keep going, haha, we’ve had a lot like, I think you pick up bits of inspiration from everywhere like your parents, friends, family, teacher and yeah


VogueWonders:  What is your main aim with arC in 5 years’ time?

Joe: I want to be touring, have big band mates be releasing records, have a label ourselves.

Oskar: Longevity, I want to do 6,7,8 albums because we come up with songs just like that, we have so many ideas. As soon as we get money and studios it’s going to be ridiculous, our output is high and we just want to keep getting better. There’s so much more to learn

VogueWonders: And Finally...for young musicians starting off, what advice would you give them?

Oskar: The best advice, something that I’ve always stuck by is a quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger, I watched his document when I was 21 and it said “Every time you go out and get fucked up with your mates, there’s someone that wants to do what you are doing with your life, but they’re not getting fucked up, they’re working really hard at trying to achieve what you’re trying to achieve” I love this, I think especially in this day and age where people just go out and party it’s just a waste

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