I’ve always tried to surround myself with positive people, whether that’s through high school, university or even outside of my education.

If you know me, you know I often talk about future goals or what I want to be doing in a few years time, after my degree. I literally don’t shut up!

Growing up, I think I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to be or what sort of job I would love to have in the future, till this day that hasn’t changed.

I often over think about the future and what it holds, all sorts or thoughts and self doubt comes into my head like, “What if I’m not good enough” and then lead on to comparing myself to other “successful” fashion creative’s who would have achieved much more at my age and who I aspire to be like

However, after all the stressing and frustration, I come to my senses and say to myself that never compare your progress to others. We're all different. – This I truly believe. I am my biggest critic, I criticize a lot of my work and want it to be ‘perfect’ I’m sure many you  feel the same about yourself, however I realise everything takes time and things will happen when they happen, you have to just keep working hard, and someday you will get to where you want to be.

One of my favourite quotes that I have ever read is

Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have. Without having a goal it’s difficult to score.
— Paul Arden

 ...So guys, keep your goal in mind, stay ambitious and you’ll get where you need to be. A positive attitude will get you far.

Arooj x


Blogging for over a year now I've learnt so much on how to grow and engage with an audience and also had the opportunity to work with different brands. I love blogging, I love writing. It has opened up many doors for me & has definitely grown my confidence. The more you write, and the more you're passionate about it, it will just come to you naturally.

I often get asked "What made you start a blog?", "Why do you even blog?", "Do you not get bored?" "What's is blogging?"

Haha, quite literally the same questions over again! If you're a blogger, I'm hoping you may be able to relate to this blog post in some way!

I started a blog as I just generally love fashion, I think the way you represent yourself says a lot. I wanted to do something different, something out my comfort zone. At first I thought blogging would only be something I'll only be doing for a few weeks then stop. Now blogging for over a year it's opening a lot of doors for me and allows me to collaborate with cool brands and to be recognised for something I'm passionate about. The whole point of starting a blog was to sort of have a back fall and some knowledge that will eventually lead me to allow my foot in the door within the fashion industry, whether that’s as a stylist or writer - I just wanted that extra experience and allow me to develop some more knowledge and grow myself as a person. Another question that's often asked is "what's your favourite thing about blogging" - Answering that, literally everything. There's not one thing that comes to mind that I "hate". From working with new people to dressing up to shooting, writing and even the excitement of releasing the post live on the blog and social media, the smallest comments mean the most! Not to mention I have also managed to talk to some lovely talented bloggers within the whole community, which I really would love to work with one day. 

I’m always scrolling through my Twitter and Instagram timeline, I love looking at different blog and content. On Twitter I often come across different bloggers whose social following is not as big, but quality of writing is amazing! I see so many talented writers & bloggers and sometimes I feel like talent does go unnoticed due to someone’s lack of following. Linking this in, I recently got an email from a girl, who recently started a blog, she mentioned in the email "how do I grow my following so I can also work with brands & get my blog name noticed"

In my opinion there's so many different ways to look at this, some brands do focus on social media following and stats, because at the end of the day, if a fashion brand is looking to work with you they are chasing that exposure they need, the more you engage with an audience it will pay off in the long run....but also then again. It’s not all about followers or how many blog posts you do. People say to me “Oh you’re fine you have so many followers, you're always posting” – Hardly, I think it’s different when you feel no personal gain, I always want more, I am my biggest critic. I've learnt your blog is what you make it. Brands want the best exposure they can get, but also with great content. Great content is key. In my opinion, making your writing the best it can be is crucial, and that is what I am learning and practicing every day. Through this I hope big brands recognise aspiring bloggers whose talent goes unnoticed. So that being said... don't be afraid or intimidated to contact and ask for collaboration with brands. It’s true what they say, practice makes perfect so let them know who you are. 

Arooj xo